A Royal Decree–Texas Ren Fest is a Client!

Arguably Fall is the best season of all. Football, baseball, Halloween, but most of all, I get to take a step back in time. A much better time when beer was abundant, turkey legs were a regular dinner, and colorful performers lined the streets. Fall brings the one and only Texas Renaissance Festival.

TRF runs deep in my veins, thanks to mom, who started attending even before they had electricity OR porta-potties. I never ceased to be mesmerized by the magic. They have since upgraded the bathrooms (thank goodness), but everything else is frozen in time, still a mystical land of wenches, knights, and LOTS of beer.

A few years have passed, but the love for my favorite fall festival has never died. Though I lead an agency and not a kingdom, I find similarities in the two. There are decisions to be made, deals to be struck, and challenges to be won. So, when we were approached by the Texas Renaissance Festival, who was shopping around for a new agency partner, I knew we could slay this deal. Without hesitation, we picked up our swords and shields and marched into marketing battle.

Last week, the King called, formally announcing, Satori was crowned. TRF was officially OURS! I celebrated the only way I knew how, with a drink in my hand and my team by my side. Nothing compared to this feeling and I’ve done some pretty cool sh** in my life! They say when you do something you love, you never work a day in your life. Trust me, working with this client won’t be work at all.

Ren Fest is more than a client – their culture and magic are deeply rooted in my soul, and now they are a part of Satori, as well. They’ve trusted my team and me with the keys to the TRF kingdom, and I plan on giving them nothing but EPIC. Sure, we will be busy and it will be one heck of an adventure, but we’re ready for it all. Might as well add slaying dragons to my resume.



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