Satori Art Gallery

Known as the art and soul of Houston, EaDo (East Downtown) is exploding with culture. Satori wanted to jump in and embrace the eclectic, artful community of EaDo; thus the Satori Art Gallery was born. Giving back to our community is a big part of who we are, and we thought there was no better way to do that than to feature rotating, local artists, whose unique and gorgeous pieces of art now line our walls. These artists come from all different walks of life, and all roads lead to Satori! The best part about our art, you can purchase it directly from our walls! Come on by any time to check out the freshest talent on the block. Learn more about our featured artists by reading below.

Marlo Saucedo

Marlo Saucedo presents the internal as the external, like the stories we hold within ourselves, visible to those close to us.

Journalism experience plus a lifetime love of the written word influence her Visual Art Narrative work: Narratives become visual subjects/objects, telling stories and imparting information in ink, paper, and acrylic, sometimes with yuzen paper added to create a collage or watercolor paper pieces toward pointillistic work.

Marlo grew up in Houston and returned after graduate school to its vibrant arts community. Her work is created in the light of a north-facing window in a home surrounded by woods outside of the city, and she exhibits her pieces in her studio, #231 at The Silos at Sawyer Yards.

Selected exhibits and projects:

Color: Story 2019 – Gallery 200 in The Silos at Sawyer Yards.
A collaborative art exhibition: Seventeen Houston-area poets’/writers’ written work, artistically represented or incorporated into pieces by artists Marlo Saucedo and Leslie Gaworecki, in each of their own styles and as collaborative pieces. This exhibit was created by Leslie and Marlo as a bridge to bring together two local communities: visual art, and written art. Color: Story 2019 opened at on January 12th, 2019 with a Reading/Poetry Slam/Art Opening, and closed on March 23rd, 2019.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – Commissions for the new facility in League City, Texas.
Two 40x30" ink & acrylic on paper pieces for installation in the lobby. Visuals from the Apollo missions. Words from MD Anderson’s Cancer Moon Shots Program included action plans, doctors involved, discoveries, and other details toward finding cures for 13 kinds of cancer.

The Woodlands Arts Council – AncesTree Project.
Three-foot-diameter ink and acrylic on round canvas, live oak tree with 260 personal stories from attendees of the inaugural Woodlands Cultural and Heritage Festival: Attendees wrote their memories, traditions, cultures, and heritages onto paper leaves, which the artist transcribed and incorporated into a permanent piece. The finished oak tree represents this community’s diversity, its citizens intertwined and growing together.

Houston Methodist Hospital the Woodlands – Community Art Project.

To commemorate their newly built hospital, hundreds of new employees signed pre-painted boards in designated areas. From their original signatures, the artist created a triptych of loblolly pine trees, currently installed on the third floor, visible from the lobby.

Houston Methodist Hospital, main Fannin campus – Community Art Project

Visitors and employees created a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. in his own words, blending their handwriting onto pre-taped canvas. This project was set up and facilitated to completion by the artist. Stop motion video: