Satori Art Gallery

Known as the art and soul of Houston, EaDo (East Downtown) is exploding with culture. Satori wanted to jump in and embrace the eclectic, artful community of EaDo; thus the Satori Art Gallery was born. Giving back to our community is a big part of who we are, and we thought there was no better way to do that than to feature rotating, local artists, whose unique and gorgeous pieces of art now line our walls. These artists come from all different walks of life, and all roads lead to Satori! The best part about our art, you can purchase it directly from our walls! Come on by any time to check out the freshest talent on the block. Learn more about our featured artists by reading below.

Daniel Adeyinka

Daniel Adeyinka is a self taught Artist hailing from the mystical land of Lagos, Nigeria. Coming to the United States at the age of three years old, Daniel overcame every foreigner’s hurdle in a new land - the communication barrier. Being a quick adapter, Adeyinka learned the English language to the extent of losing his native accent. With an outlook shaped by extensive relocation (New York to Philadelphia to New Jersey to all over Texas), a young Adeyinka still at times found it difficult to communicate effectively  in an ever-shifting social landscape and eventually took to alternative forms of communication such as spoken word poetry, graphic design and recently and more vigorously - painting. Daniel has unearthed a newfound love for what he describes as a “hyperdirect form of communication”  through abstraction. With his methodical process consisting of swift and seemingly haphazard barrages of paint -  sometimes applied with almost anything but a brush - Adeyinka creates narratives in swift, yet calculated motions. This process is one that involves the entire body and represents Adeyinka’s method of emanating the most potent version of expression at the current time onto the canvas. For this reason Adeyinka opts for a mixture of acrylic,  abstraction and timing that results in intricate layering and more importantly, a form of communication with no obstruction in dialogue. By getting completely out of the way, the sentiment is interpreted and reinterpreted by the viewer.