Satori Art Gallery

Known as the art and soul of Houston, EaDo (East Downtown) is exploding with culture. Satori wanted to jump in and embrace the eclectic, artful community of EaDo; thus the Satori Art Gallery was born. Giving back to our community is a big part of who we are, and we thought there was no better way to do that than to feature rotating, local artists, whose unique and gorgeous pieces of art now line our walls. These artists come from all different walks of life, and all roads lead to Satori! The best part about our art, you can purchase it directly from our walls! Come on by any time to check out the freshest talent on the block. Learn more about our featured artists by reading below.

Hailey E. Herrera, TWS, WAS-H, PhD

Hailey E. Herrera is a water media artist, working in watercolor, watercolor batik, ink, and acrylic. She has earned signature memberships in the top watercolor organizations in Texas. With abounding color and vibrant beauty, her art has found a home in many private and public collections.

She loves the watercolor medium for the layering, colors, and transparency which appeal to her sense of spontaneity. Her watercolors are vibrant, bright, and rich with incredible depth and wonderful tonal ranges. She is not content with one style but wants to evolve continually.

As an artist, she feels excited and motivated when she creates something new in style and method. She approaches each painting as a new dialogue and experiment between her and her surroundings. She is compelled to create pieces that resonate with her in some beautiful and personally meaningful way. Through exciting experimentation, she has become versatile in various subjects and styles. She often paints in a traditional style, but she also uses impressionistic, stylized, and abstract styles.

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