DIR Services

What we will do for you

Our boutique setup allows us to work as a team for your team with agility and hustle to help your project meet and exceed your deadline. Combining fearless creativity with ferocious client service, we will find, develop, and amplify your brand.


All websites provided by Satori Marketing will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so the clients’ website will be accessible to all.

Satori will launch a strategically designed website that is fully compliant with ADA standards. Satori will advise the client on methods to retain ADA compliance as new content is added to the website.

Business Analysis Services

A stunning website is just the beginning. Satori analyzes how websites are being used to make adjustments that improve the user’s experience.

Satori will track and analyze all website data, from user behavior to demographic data. This allows businesses to tailor their sites to the needs or behaviors of its visitors.

Domain Name System (DNS) Management

Satori will set up and manage domain names so users can easily access your website.

When you launch a new website or if you need to move web hosts, Satori will set up all the required DNS records so your domain name will always point to your website. Under DNS management we can setup A records, C-Name records, MX records, and subdomain records.


Our job is to keep your website online, secure, up to date and bug free. If any part of that criteria is not met, we jump into action. Dedicated to ferocious client service, Satori is just one phone call or email away.

After the launch of a new website or redesign of an existing website, Satori can offer all additional website support functions, depending on client's needs. This includes: DNS records, ADA compliance, analysis services, SEO support, and software updates/backup, website maintenance, and more.


Once website responsibility has been officially passed to the client, Satori can provide maintenance and support training to all employees who will engage with backend website development.

Depending on the client’s level of involvement, Satori can train the client in website management, SEO, updates, backups, and more. Training is available on-site or virtually.

Website Maintenance

Your website is important for agency, but you might not always have the time for updates. Our web maintenance services keep your website secure, monitored, and maintained on an ongoing or as-needed basis.

Website maintenance services could include, but are not limited to, copywriting, image/graphic edits or substitutions. new pages, revised navigation, improved SEO and more.

Email Marketing

Satori specializes in building interesting emails and newsletters aimed to improve communications, both internally and externally, and exceed your goals. We’ll help you reap the benefits of a professionally executed email marketing campaign, with high-quality strategy, design, deployment, list management, tracking, testing and more.

To either refresh or establish a client’s email marketing, we can design all email campaigns, including graphics, copywriting, strategy, and audience-building to provide consistency with the client’s brand standards and existing or pending website. We also offer maintenance of email campaigns, which includes routine analytics reports, campaign strategy, and effectiveness.

  • Analyze goals and objectives for email campaign(s)
  • Design and structure emails toward client’s goals and audience
  • Send optimized, relevant messages through the use of segmentation, analytics, and past user activity
  • Determine optimal times and frequencies to distribute campaigns based on analytics and reporting

Graphic Design

Satori works hard to capture the unique personality of each client when working on a design project. We have designed thousands of visually appealing logos, style guides, brochures, illustrations, graphics and more.

Fully incorporated with brand standards, we can design and develop visually-appealing logos, branding/style-guides, layouts, and graphics to effectively communicate brand message for a variety of materials, both physical and digital.

Social Media Management

Satori capitalizes on target market research to identify the most effective platforms for each audience, and then develop engaging profiles for the chosen platforms. A dynamic social media presence requires regular maintenance, content calendar development, content scheduling, and possibly the creation of digital assets.

To either establish or refresh a social media presence, we can design all social media pages, including profile information, albums, banner designs, etc. to provide consistency with brand standards and website. To support social efforts and build reach, maintenance is also offered, which includes analytics reports, regular strategy meetings, and paid promotion services.

  • Social media strategy and integrated marketing consulting
  • SWOT analysis of social strategy development, integration, and analytics
  • Management of content postings and fan/follower engagement
  • Client cross-channel integration and consulting

Web Content Management

Satori’s web content management services help organizations create and deliver personalized content and digital experiences across web, mobile, and social channels.

We specialize in the WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal WCM, allowing clients to create, manage, store, and deploy web content through the use of specific tools and plugins.

Website Design/Development

Each Satori website is designed to creatively establish our client’s voice while simultaneously targeting their potential audience. We provide a full website design and development process, ensuring each website is designed with the user in mind, to guarantee ease of use and optimal experience.

Website design/development services include scheduling, site map/wireframe, accessibility plan, project management, website design, image and asset collection, copywriting, coding, SEO, testing & validation, mobile texting, and launch.


Pending client’s existing collateral, Satori can schedule on-site photography and/ or purchase desired stock images, if needed. We specialize in directing shoots/storyboarding, editing images, and utilizing photo editing software in a way that is as appealing as it is cost-effective.

We offer a variety of photography services that include: scheduling and executing on-site/off-site shoots for still photography, videography, animation, and 3D renderings (interiors or exteriors) for various communications purposes.