We already know our clients are the best at what they do, but how are they in the kitchen?
Mark your calendar and make some room because it’s Satori’s third annual Client Chili Cookoff!

We’ve got the toppings and beer covered so all you need to bring is an appetite!
Trust us, with all this competition, you’re going to need a bigger bowl…

1. In Texas, it’s a sin to use beans in chili. (Don’t believe us? Check out Rule #1 from the International Chili Society. Yep, that’s a thing!) So, no beans or fillers of any type. All types of meats are allowed. Make it interesting and freakin’ tasty. Your reputation is on the line, after all.

2. Chili does not have to be cooked onsite but MUST BE HOMEMADE. Canned chili is for Yankees and we know what Wolf brand tastes like.

3. Crockpots must be at the Satori office by 2pm. Once judging starts, late entries will not be permitted. We’re hungry.

4. Chef’s names will be kept a secret until after judging is completed. Making your chili name known is an automatic disqualification. That’s how fights get started.

5. Provide the name, list of ingredients, and level of hotness (mild, hot, toxic) for tasters/judges. Yes, we need your grandma’s secret ingredient too—we promise we won’t claim it for our own. Due to Satori by Fri, Nov.15th at High Noon.

6. All you need to bring is your badass chili and your pride…we have the refreshments needed to sway your voters.

7. Winners will be decided by way of secret ballot. Make America Chili Again!