What the Wobser?!

Adkisson Madness warehouse


It’s not everyday that we lure employees into the Satori Cave and the desire for this new cave-dweller to stick around is mutual. That’s why today is a momentous day. We’re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our intern-turned-resident-badass, Jennifer Wobser!


Jen came to us with a plethora and variety of knowledge, similar to that of a Jeopardy contestant. It’s with her Classical music proclivity and inherently dry wit that Jen immediately won us over, but it’s her hard-work, determination and personable nature that helps keep Satori running.



Nothing better than a party in a warehouse! No glowsticks, though.

And in true Satori fashion, we’re smack-dab in the middle of an epic campaign that takes us out of the office. Not ones to miss an opportunity to celebrate, we took tradition and mixed it with a bit of our crazy (but not bat-shit crazy). We toasted Jen’s service on-location of tomorrow’s Adkisson Madness event. We couldn’t be more delighted to have Jen as part of our madness, and we look forward to many years more.



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