What if Everybody Ran


I love running. I love the freedom that it gives you, I love the challenge that it poses, and I love the massive community that it helps foster and support. Running, to me, is the best kind of addiction there is. If I have a bad day, a run will cure that. If I have a great day, a run will be the exclamation point on the end of the day’s sentence. If I need to clear my head to focus on the perfect way to deliver a client’s message to their consumers – you won’t find me toiling away in front of my computer, banging my head against the keyboard. You will find me running the loop around Memorial Park. And chances are, by the time I’ve showered and gotten back to work, I’ll have everything worked out.

I recently came across this fantastic interactive infographic produced by Mizuno USA. Mizuno USA is a Norcross, GA-based company that manufactures and distributes high quality golf, baseball, softball, running, track & field and volleyball equipment, apparel, and footwear. Before I talk about the cutting-edge way in which they are using infographics, let’s talk about what exactly an infographic is.

An infographic is a highly effective way to visually show statistics or bite-sized pieces of information. Nine times out of ten, people prefer seeing graphics as opposed to reading a long list of numbers and text. So if a company wanted to show some statistics they found related to the importance of good posture at work, for example, they could produce and distribute the following:

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Or if you wanted to share with your consumers the secret to better sleep, you’d have a much better chance of them paying attention to you if you produced this:

Get health and fitness tips at Greatist.com


But how did Mizuno take something that was already extremely effective at conveying information and make it even better? By making it interactive. Their interactive infographic, entitled “What If Everybody Ran,” shares some interesting and potentially life changing statistics about a world where every single person ran.

The coolest part about this interactive infographic is they gave the viewer the ability to share each snippet of information to their social media accounts. So if something spoke to me, I could (and did!) share it to all of my followers. Out of all the statistics they presented about a world in which everyone ran, I shared the following:

  • There would be 20 million more great grandmothers
  • There would be 135 million more victory beers
  • There would be 63 million happier dogs
  • There would be 37% more smiles

By breaking up the information into bite-sized pieces and allowing the viewer to interact with the data, Mizuno USA was able to bring the viewer along side themselves and make us feel like we were part of their team.

I love finding new ways to communicate with people. I can’t wait to utilize an interactive infographic for one of Satori Marketing’s clients. Now all that’s left is for me to go for a run so I can figure out the best way to incorporate it.

-Mark Pereira


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