Welcome to the Team Wolf!

Welcome to the Team, Wolf!

Hey there! I’m Alexandra, aka, Wolf. A vibrant graphic and web designer that just recently joined this amazing team. -howl- Nice to meet you!

So why the codename Wolf you ask? Well, wolves are the symbol of guardianship, intelligence, loyalty, and intuition. They protect their pack with a fierceness while remaining loving and loyal. These characteristics reflect much of my personality. Sweet, a dash of sassy, and a fierce work ethic towards my designs.

About me:

I love all forms of creativity. From fashion to painting to dance; I believe self-expression is extremely important, and what gives life its flare.

I’m outgoing, open-minded, highly creative, and love to laugh. When you first meet me, you will be greeted with a smile and lots of jokes. My silly nature compensates for my serious side, that focuses deeply on self-improvement. With a natural ambition and drive, I always look to become my greatest self. I love to improve my craft and work to be the best in my field.

When I’m not designing, you can see me practicing martial arts, playing Pokémon Go at the park, going on adventures with my best friends, and exploring the never-ending, expanding Houston.


I fell in love with design because it allows me to use my art to help others. I love the idea that my art can be used in different forms. It can be worn, printed on a billboard, even become the identity of an entire company. Amazing!


Working at Satori has been nothing but an adventure. Variety of projects, lots of laughs in-between intense deadlines, great coworkers, and a fun workspace. I’m enjoying my time every day I walk into the door! I’m excited about what is in store for me next.

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