We got Sino-picked!

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Satori Marketing is excited to announce our partnership with Sinopec Tech, a Houston-based research center of the international titan: Sinopec-China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. Sinopec is China’s second largest oil and gas producer, and is involved in many aspects of the O&G industry, including refineries, chemical products and petrochemicals. Sinopec was ranked as number 3 in Fortune’s Global 500 List in 2014. The company has operations in 70 countries and regions, and they are looking to strengthen their presence in North America. They plan to base this R&D Center out of the Lone Star State, headquartered in Houston. That’s where we come in.

Sinopec Tech Houston LI Banner

We’re getting down to business here at Satori HQ, ready to get Sinopec Tech’s – website off the ground. The mission: to brand their presence in America and to curate a place for leading  industry professionals to discover job postings that fit their career aspirations. While times are tough for many people working in Oil and Gas, Sinopec Tech shows no signs of slowing down their growth. They currently employ 927,000 employees worldwide, and have committed to three locations with lots of job opportunities for 2016. We’re proud to help with this process and excited to play our part in bringing these employment opportunities to our hometown.


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