Two’s Company, Three’s a Damn Good Time

As many of you know, Satori moves at the speed of business—whatever that means. Some might say it’s break-neck speed, and that’s something we might agree with. With all the misfortune Hurricane Harvey brought, it’s nice to have a bright spot after some
of the dust has settled. That’s where we bring in the newest Satori-ite, Sean!

Sean is the first graphic designer Satori has had under our roof, and we’re excited to see what these changes will bring! Having this much brainpower in one room—lightning is sure to strike. When he’s not whipping up logos and Constant Contact emails for us, you can find Sean roaming the streets of Houston, either crafting his latest woodworking masterpiece at TXRX, or maybe drinking a pint at an unearthed (and quite frankly, super sketchy) dive bar.

You might wonder how one can leave the sprawling hills (slight exaggeration) of Austin, Texas, for the streets of HTX, but it was never really a question for this native Houstonian. The only other city you might find him in is the cozy, coastal town of Seadrift, where you’re likely to find Sean on his 55th birthday, cashing a check from AARP.

New interns, new office, new designer! Holy new stuff, Batman! Satori’s all brand new and ready for you!

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