This Means War

Have you ever seen a product, or an idea, or a movie and thought, “I wish I would have come up with that”? Something so simple in its brilliance that it truly makes a lasting impact? I had that thought yesterday when I saw Taco Bell’s latest commercial promoting their brand new breakfast line. If only I would have thought of it. I could be sitting on a beach right now, with a delicious cocktail in my hand.

If only.

Companies are always trying to find new ways to capture different segments of their industry. In the fast food market, this fact manifests itself in restaurants trying to become leaders at different times throughout the day. I have a buddy that works at Chick-Fil-A, and he told me that they are going to start rolling out smoothies and iced coffee so that they can get some of the afternoon snack crowd, a notoriously light time for the company. Starbucks just recently announced that they are going to start serving beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres in an attempt to gain more evening business.

A couple of weeks ago, Taco Bell announced it would be getting in the breakfast game – a time of day that is dominated by breakfast giant McDonald’s. While some might scoff at some of the items on their breakfast menu (featuring the Waffle Taco and the AM Crunchwrap), their recently unveiled marketing push behind their move to morning foods is nothing short of brilliant.

As you’ll see in the spot below, Taco Bell went all over the United States to find people legally named Ronald McDonald and had them profess their love for the new Taco Bell breakfast menu. That’s it. No celebrity endorsements. No special effects. No Clydesdales. Just men named Ronald McDonald, talking about how great Taco Bell’s new menu items are.


Not to be outdone, McDonald’s just announced that they would be giving out free coffee with each purchase of a breakfast item for the next two weeks. While clearly a stalling tactic to give McDonald’s some time to come up with something that has a little more punch to it, it’s definitely a sign that the clown isn’t going down without a fight. Let the games begin.


– Mark Pereira

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