Superbowl SuperAd

It’s no surprise the Superbowl is the most sought-after advertising spot of the entire calendar year. Just Wednesday, a mere four (4) days before the game, all Superbowl advertising spots finally sold out. A new record-setting price of $4.5 million has been paid for a basic, 30-second spot—a half-million more than 2014’s average spots went for.
If you’ve watched the Big Game the last two years, it also shouldn’t be a surprise that Budweiser has consistently had the most touching and feel-good advertisements featuring a new Yellow Lab puppy. Anheuser-Busch has told the tale of their famous Clydesdales and the newcomer pup becoming fast friends through different ordeals. Without fail, these advertisements take us on a roller coaster of emotions. From sad to joyous—they don’t go for cheap laughs.
Budweiser plans to reach for our heartstrings again this year, and to prove it; they’ve released a snippet of the anticipated ad on YouTube.
Below, you can see a tour of the Clydesdale breeding grounds our fearless leader took.









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