#Success: 7 Ways to Amp Up Your Social Media



Social media is an invaluable, cost-effective way to bolster your marketing campaign. But if sloppily done, it can have the opposite effect. Terry Brock, an associate of the Houston Business Journal and a professional speaker on social media and technology, outlines seven major tenants to follow to ensure your business’s marketing will flourish with the most bang for your buck.



1. Be consistent

Posting regularly and in a similar tone is important to your customers. A variety of blog posts, videos, pictures, etc., provide confidence and builds trust. According to Brock, “It shows stability and helps your community know you are in this market to stay.”

 2. Be where your community hangs out

Not every demographic is only on Facebook, or only on LinkedIn, or only on Twitter. Start participating in community and industry groups on a variety of social media, and see where you have the most engagement. It’s good to be active on multiple platforms, but always know where your target audience is hanging out so you can market to them better.

 3. Give quality that solves problems

Being present is a great start, but you’re going to have to write posts that have heavier content than “great pic” or “nice idea.” Bring value to your profiles by contributing links to industry articles or videos, a tip your customers may be benefit from, or entertainment centered on common issues your community will like and share.

 4. Engage, don’t broadcast

Modern marketing isn’t about blasting a message across all platforms. Engage with your community on a personal level to get noticed. As Brock says, “Connect. Communicate. This is how to earn trust and eventually, business.”

5. Stay current

For your profile and posts to be relevant, they must be fresh and current. Actively search for industry news, respond to community concerns as they happen. “Find solutions and offer these solutions to your community.”

 6. Use the right tools

Many tools exist today to help extend and maximize your social media reach. Hootsuite, Buffer, and HubSpot not only organize posts, but can have great industry and marketing news to help keep your business competitive. Having the latest information of the development of social media platforms and user activity is absolutely necessary to stay current and relevant.

 7. Be consistent

Yes, it’s that important! As Brock says, “Consistency is one of the best practices to set you apart from the enthusiastic-at-first people who eventually drop off the radar, thus harming their credibility with others.” Use planning resources to schedule posts, and know what you’re going to need ahead of time.


Here at Satori Marketing, we’re always on the lookout for the newest ways to use social media. The cost-effectiveness of the digital world can’t be overstated, and social is usually the first thing we stress with our clients. With all of these tips and tricks, any business can make a substantial impact on the modern, social world.


periscope-fstoppers-sarah-williams_copyLooking for the latest social media platform on our radar? Check out Periscope, from Twitter. The Satori team at our International HQ had a pretty fun time checking it out yesterday, and brainstorming how we can set this up-and-coming app to work for our clients.

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