Security Breach

In March of this year, thousands of Target customers had their credit card information stolen by cyber hackers. This huge breach of security has sent the giant superstore reeling, as they scramble to find out how the breach happened and try to control the massive amount of backlash they are receiving from all ends.

Yesterday, AdWeek posted a very interesting article about how data breaches can undo years and years of brand building. When a data breach happens and a company is in damage control mode, risk communications expert Peter Sandman says, “what’s mainly at stake is an organization’s negative reputation – how much it’s hated, not how much it’s loved.” Therefore, the focus has to be about reducing outrage, not increasing affection.

The article is very interesting and brings up a lot of good points. Mainly that the best tactic a company can take is to plan for a data breach. While having top of the line security measures in place is the first line of defense, having a crisis management team in place should disaster strike could prove the difference between successfully navigating the crisis or falling into obscurity.

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