Satori’s Rockin’ Redo

Welcome to the stage… the Satori Rockstars! We’re so excited to announce our new team page and introduce all of the players that make Satori sound great every day. Our Rockstars consistently deliver the goods – which is what inspired our band manager, Marché, to come up with the name years ago! With the power of illustration and imagination, her dream finally came to life.

Smells Like Satori Spirit

The essence of a Satori Rockstar is a lot like rock and roll itself: eclectic and stylistically diverse. We’re like if Pink Floyd met OutKast for a beer in Houston. We’ve been rocking and rolling since 2007, and showcasing what sets us apart is like music to our ears. Just ask some of our biggest fans – TXDoT’s SH 288 Managed Lanes Project, Texas Department of Agriculture, and Harris County Flood Control District, to name a few. Our hard work has been visualized through the impact of our projects and some shiny awards along the way. No Grammys…yet!

Go on backstage and meet the band. We promise you’ve never met a group more in tune than this one. And don’t forget about our ferocious security detail, always on the puptrol for some new toys to chew up.

So, are you ready to rock?

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