Satori’s Going MAD

Houston Final Four 2016

It’s a good thing Punxsutawney Phil said it’s gonna be Spring, because Satori is ready to ditch the sleeves. Not every client lets us take them beyond the traditional and surpass boring. For many industries, staying tried and true is a dependable marketing tactic. But our client, Adkisson Group, gave us the gre3927cf3b24b7a8568382d0a7eecbf2e4
en-light, and now we’re flexin’ our creative guns with their latest campaign.

This trailblazing competition called Adkisson MADNESS combines the excitement of NCAA March Madness games and good-natured trash-talking with some serious loot. We’re bringing the Houston area industrial brokerage community together for a networking campaign unlike any other.objects-0078 tumblr_static_9cz0p3r9krwogok8g8c0ow4cg

The hype will culminate at our kick-off event on Thursday, March 3rd—and the prizes given away that day are just the beginning. Once the brackets are revealed, each broker will be assigned an NCAA team who’s competing in March Madness. The further their team progresses in the games, the bigger the broker’s jackpot. And to sweeten the pot, the winner’s entire division gets treated like kings at an afternoon at Top Golf.

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