Satori Behind the Scenes

You see our events, our marketing campaigns and our weigh-ins on popular culture—but have you ever wondered about the people behind Satori? Well, whether you have or not, we’ve decided to tell you a little about some of us. While this isn’t everyone on the team, we’re covering our starting lineup.




The Whiz is not just a wiz kid at marketing, she’s also a classically trained vocalist. When she’s not masterminding digital strategies for our clients, The Whiz spends her time performing in opera choruses, church choirs and other gigging opportunities around town. Need her to sing for a wedding? She’s there. Need a voice over? She’s got that too.

She doesn’t boast about it, but Candace is also a gifted illustrator—her whimsical iPad doodles are a side-effect to the design-conscious attitude that sharpens her marketing prowess. And then there are the video games, but that’s a blog for a different time. Basically, she’s a creative all the way round.



Jenuwine, by some statistical anomaly, is also a classically trained singer. It’s also fullsizerender-1like 25% why she got the job. She knows it. Jennifer performs sporadically both locally and occasionally in Baton Rouge and New Orleans with her friends from LSU (Geaux Tigers!).

Of course when people see Jennifer they immediately think she’s from Themyscira, the island from which Wonder Woman and all of her Amazonian counterparts descended from. And this is especially true of the modeling agent who discovered Jen outside of a Zoë’s Kitchen. You can catch Satori’s Next TOP Model in the Houston Bridal Expo Show on October 23rd.



As both a former bartender and an amazing cook, parties at Marché’s place are the perfect storm of good food, good times and cute puppies. This isn’t to say she’s a homebody: our marketer-in-chief is always on the go, whether driving to a client meeting or taking a train ride to New Orleans. And since she recently got a teardrop trailer, her Texas-area trips (to an A&M game, perhaps?) are about to get that much cooler.

When she’s not showing clients how strategic marketing can transform their businesses, our head honcho Marché can be seen on the freeway, shuttling at least 5 dogs (some combination of her parent’s pups and Marché’s own two Yorkies) to or from the groomer. Those fresh pups enjoy the sweet life at Marché’s house, where she frequently entertains.


We’re firm believers that a person’s whole self is what makes them a good employee. Sometimes it’ll come up in conversation with a potential client, or sometimes our hobbies will perfectly sync up with what a client needs. Whether the benefits are straight-forward or not, they’re just that little somethin’ special that gives us that Satori swagger. Stay tuned for the next edition of Behind the Scenes to meet more of our hardworking team.


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