Sandee’s Sweets

Sandee Kyle-Field Cake

You can’t have a career in advertising or marketing without making a lot of friends. Seriously – a ton of friends. Every once in a while, Satori Marketing likes to shine a spotlight on some of those talented people – such as our good friend Sandee Moss and her company, Sandee’s Sweets.

Sandee specializes in wedding cakes, but not just typical, run of the mill cakes. She is a true artist who makes the most intricate and fantastic looking cakes you have ever seen. And these cakes don’t just look great – they taste even better!

No request is to difficult for Sandee to undertake. Want a groom’s cake that is shaped like Texas A&M’s Kyle Field? Or how about one that is shaped like a Canon camera? Sandee can make these shapes – and more – in her sleep.

Kyle Field

Sandee Cake 1

Sandee Camera

Sandee Rings

While wedding cakes are her specialty, Sandee’s Sweets isn’t just a one-trick-pony. She also makes cupcakes, cake balls, cake push-ups, homemade marshmallows, cookies and brownies – all available pre-made or custom ordered. We could go on and on about how great looking and tasting Sandee’s sweets are, but you have to see these creations to believe them.





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