RFP—Hold it Down



Satori has been busy putting together an RFP.

You might have a couple questions, like: “What the heck is an RFP?” Or, “What’s so special about putting one together?”


An RFP stands for Request for P— (proposal, permit, procurement, etc.). Basically, you are bidding along with competitors to do work for a specific company. RFP’s also have the magical power to make everyone go from 0 (content) to 150 (beyond stressed) and make you start disliking people you otherwise genuinely love.

So Satori has put together a list of key things you can do to make this painful process just a little bit better.


  1. Music
    Everyone loves music. However, not everyone wants to hear your Barry Manilow loud and proud. Bring your ear buds to work and crank up your favorite Pandora/Spotify/Beats channels to help you get focused and crank out work faster.
  1. Get Organized
    Having a spreadsheet or list of “next steps” can help you to stay on track, and know how much time to allot to each section you are responsible for. We suggest printing this page out. Something is just so cathartic about crossing stuff off of your “To-Do” list. Warning: This list in NO WAY will save you from the 1-2 all-nighters probably headed your way. Nope. Not a chance.
  1. Have Food
    Food can bring people together in ways that an RFP can’t. Something about satisfying a basic or primal need makes people happy and feel well taken care of. Whether you cooked it or bought it, it’s a nice gesture and great morale booster. I mean how can you continue to want to stab the boss for bolting down the door when your belly is full of delicious fajitas??
  1. Exercise Patience
    Things can get tense when you’ve been staring at the same page for 3 hours trying to get the tiniest detail just right. Patience is already thin, so take a moment to breathe, step away from the computer and collect your thoughts before you reach over and put your hands on your co-workers throat. They don’t like that.
  1. Know the Internet
    Watching a few Vines or YouTube videos to help refresh the creative juices is strongly recommended. Plus they keep you up-to-date on the latest viral sensations and POP-news. What can be funnier than the newest cat video when you haven’t slept in almost two weeks? Seriously.




What best practices have you observed when pulling all-nighters? What have you found to be the best food to share? Are there any tips or tricks we missed? Let us know!


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