Put the PR in Professional


You don’t need to be a PR pro or even a marketing guru to know that social media, or lack thereof, can positively or negatively impact your credibility. But if you don’t have a lot of time daily to commit to social postings, you can still manage your social presence in as little as 10 minutes.


A few key things that boost your digital footprint include:

  • A profile picture. For all mediums. Use the same one. Seriously, just get a profile picture. You look creepy without one.
  • Write a concise profile bio. Again, you can use the same one for all of the platforms. Twitter limits you to 160 characters anyway, so don’t feel compelled to write your memoirs here.
  • Use LinkedIn. Especially if your business is B2B, even if it’s not—LinkedIn has become an extension of you and your company’s capabilities. Time to take it seriously. Have your employees connect on the company page, make sure your hours of operation and phone number are correct and sit back.

Take ten minutes today and make sure you’re up to date with these fast tricks to make yourself more relevant and credible.

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