POLL: Who Wants a Free Ride?

Everyone here at Satori HQ is very big on civic responsibility, so we’re monumentally excited to announce some promotions that are making it easier for Houstonians to make it to the polls this election season.

Houston METRO is getting in the early-voting spirit by offering free round-trip rides to and from the polls on all local bus, light rail, and METROLift services. All you have to do is inform the bus operator or train fare inspector to get your free service. Currently, rides are offered October 29th, November 4th, and election day, November 8th from 7am to 7pm. More information on this service is available at RideMETRO.org.

If METRO isn’t your cup of tea, Yellow Cab Houston is also offering free or discounted rides for voters. Beginning October 24th, you can download the zTrip app to schedule a cab ride, or simply call (713) 236-1111 to get a Yellow Cab ride to your polling location.

During early voting (October 24th to November 4th), Houston residents using Yellow Cab’s Ride to the Polls option will be given a $35 credit. On election day, that credit is reduced to $15 as more locations open. The cab rides take place whenever the polls are open.

For more information on voting, visit HarrisVotes.org for Harris County residents, or VoteTexas.gov for all other Texas counties.

“I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said he couldn't complain.”

“I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said he couldn’t complain.”

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