Pepsi Max Strikes Again

A year ago, Pepsi released the now massively viral advertisement Test Drive to promote their new product – Pepsi Max.  In the video, Jeff Gordon disguises himself as a potential car buyer and takes a Chevy Camaro for a test drive with the salesman in the back seat, completely oblivious that the famous racecar driver is behind the wheel.

What happens next has to be seen to be believed. The hilarious video received millions of views and was the topic of conversation for weeks after it hit.


Not all of the conversations were positive, however. They day after the video was released, Jalopnik, a popular blog covering cars, car culture and the automotive industry, posted an article detailing how the entire ad was a fake. An entertaining one, to be sure, but fake none-the-less.

Most brands would either apologize for being so deceptive or would tuck tail and hope that people would enjoy the ad for what it was, but not Pepsi. Not content with being called a liar, Pepsi and Jeff Gordon teamed up again and made Test Drive 2. Except this time, Jeff Gordon disguised himself as an ex-convict cab driver and the guest of honor was none other than Travis Okulski, the Jalopnik writer that exposed the deceptions in the first Test Drive.

Take a look at the video below. Kudos to Pepsi for successfully pulling this off once again, and greatly improving an idea that worked so well in the past. Kudos.



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