Out With The Old In With The New


When Steve Adkisson first dropped a hint he was thinking about forming his own commercial and industrial development and brokerage company, Satori Marketing was his biggest supporter. Throughout countless conversations discussing, visions, goals and aspirations, we encouraged Steve to begin the next chapter of his career. We assured him if he took this logical next step, he would immediately be successful. And in the second quarter of 2013, Adkisson Development & Brokerage was born.

We’ve handled their marketing and communications from the very beginning – helping them develop a consistent and iconic brand that would soon set the standard in his industry for the Houston area. We designed their logo, utilizing elements from logos of Steve’s father’s and grandfather’s previous business ventures. And when it came time to pave the way on social media for the industrial real estate industry, we made sure Adkisson Development & Brokerage helped blaze the trail, through their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, as well as their blog.

In the short year since they first opened their doors, Steve’s business has exploded. He and his team have successfully completed over thirteen acres and 112,000 square feet of developments – and they aren’t stopping. They currently have 114,000 square feet of buildings under construction, with even more projects in the pipeline.

Adkisson Development & Brokerage is doing so well, in fact, that a few months ago they decided to expand their services and capabilities. Once again, the discussions began and we talked about the several different ways this could pan out. After much conversation, Steve decided that a complete rebranding and overhaul of his company was the best way to proceed. Thus Adkisson Group was born.

Adkisson Group Logo Final RGB

Adkisson Group is still dedicated to providing the same quality development and brokerage services they have always provided – the only difference is they now have a larger team to help deliver those services. They are also spending some of their time working in property management and investments.

Satori Marketing is once again assisting him with his new endeavor. We designed a logo to match the new look and feel of his company, along with a brand new website to showcase his previous and new projects. Adkisson Group will still use the same social media handles, but we have added a Google+ profile to the mix. And Steve and his team will still provide their insights on everything industry-related, as well as topics of interest on the Adkisson Group blog.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.37.22 AM

We love working with new clients at Satori Marketing. We love it even more when the new client is an old client. Welcome to the family, Adkisson Group – we’re glad you are here.

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