Open House Satori Marketing Style

About a month and a half ago, Satori Marketing moved into a new office building off of 610 and Ella. This move was an upgrade in every sense of the word – more space, a better location, a fantastic building. Everything about the move was terrific (well, except for the move itself but nobody likes moving).

To celebrate our new digs as well as all the exciting things going on recently, we decided to host an open house last Thursday. It also helped motivate us to unpack the last of our boxes and clean house, so this open house served many purposes.

A lot of people showed up to our first office party – we had representatives from Adkisson Brokerage and Development, TNRG, BNC, Alexandria OTO, Third Coast, MIII Designs, and Dev-Tex, to name a few. The food was great, the booze was flowing and good times were had by all.

Click here to see the Facebook Album from the event. We can’t wait to have another party soon.

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