One Child at a Time

Satori Marketing is proud to join hands with Scotty’s House, a child advocacy center located in Bryan, Texas. Scotty’s House stole our hearts with their mission to provide a safe haven for children who have withstood abuse. We couldn’t be more honored to start our journey with their team for social justice.

Scotty’s House opened in 1995 as a non-profit organization in hopes of providing a child-friendly environment for sexually- and physically abused children. Through local law enforcement and Child Protective Services, children are referred to Scotty’s House to provide safety, healing, and justice after an incident. The mission of this child advocacy center is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the kids, allowing the victims to interact with the necessary government agencies in a safe, comfortable environment. Hundreds of children in the Brazos Valley experience lasting trauma due to abuse, neglect, and violent upbringings. Scotty’s House provides them with proper therapy, medical assistance, and assists with forensic services for ongoing investigations.

At Scotty’s House, they believe the child comes first and provide volunteer opportunities and outreach programs to keep the community involved in their efforts. Over the years, they have created a safe and trusting environment for hundreds of children across many different counties, and continue to be a part of the healing process for many children and their families.

The Satori Team of Rockstars hopes to play even a small part to increase community involvement and help heal those affected by abuse along the way. To learn more about Scotty’s House, visit their website and find out how you can get involved.

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