Now What?

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Congratulations! You’ve just launched your business’s website, and the online world is welcoming you with open arms, vines and cat memes. You’re listed in specific local search results, Yelp, Google Maps, and your homepage navigates potential customers to your Facebook and Twitter pages, too. You’ve got this digital marketing thing down. But… now what??

Sad but true: many business owners and marketers are short-sighted when it comes to investing hard work to make your new website truly effective. Unfortunately, just being there isn’t enough. Increasing page visits, getting quality visitors, and fostering conversations with potential clients doesn’t happen just by having a website existing. Fortunately, the team at Satori Marketing has developed a four-part strategy to make your online presence really count.



 1. Write meaningful content.

writing-hand-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-5No one will care about your website unless you have some killer content your audience cares about. With your business team,
craft a plan of action for regularly creating and publishing content unique to your brand. Are you the biggest business of your type in your city? The oldest? The hippest or most respected? Harness what sets you apart, and make sure the content you write tells your story.

 2. Blog about it.

Once you have that content, post it on a blog on your website. Not only does this create an easy-to-reference page for your clients to access, but it adds to your Google cred as well. Let’s face it: this is Google’s world, and all the internet is just floating around in it. They’ve made it clear they look for integrated keywords on subpages, so their search engine can send people to the most relevant results. Google-friendly blog posts add to relevant traffic, higher search result listings and more visibility to potential clients.

 3. Help!

No one is an expert in everything. Maybe you’re the world’s best veterinarian, a big business tycoon or a rising star in Hollywood: everyone needs good marketing, and good marketing takes time. Whether enlisting help for your business means hiring a new team member or enlisting the help of an established agency (*cough*SATORI*cough*), having someone around who knows what they’re doing saves time, aids productivity and ensures your business has the greatest amount of impact with the least amount of a headache for you.

 4. Circulate.

Circulate your unique content through every medium you can get your business’s non-corporeal hands on. Post a link to your new blog articles on your social media channels (get our tips for social media management here). Create professional emails that regularly update your mailing list with your recent posts. Make all your business’s links self-referential, so a client on your emailing list can be referred to information on your webpage, and later maybe follow you on Facebook—or vice versa. Make it easy as possible for your audience to find what your business is up to.


A beautiful new website is great. A beautiful new website with targeted traffic and riveting content is better. Harness your business’s potential with these tips—and if you need any help, remember that is just a click away.

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