New Places, New Faces

You might be saying to yourself, “Wow. Satori sure does look different. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s a glow about them.” Well, it’s not our new moisturizer. Let us give you a hint: it’s bigger than a bread box.

As many of you will see, Satori’s about to break the internet with the announcement of our new office space. That’s right, we’ve moved! Stay tuned for the internet-breaking details. But that’s not the only reason we’re beaming. We’ve got a new face wandering around these halls—and it’s that of our newest intern, Christian!

Christian comes to Satori from the sun-soaked, gorgeous campus, Tier-One excellence itself—the University of Houston (Go Coogs!) Some of us on staff are a little biased and think it could be the coolest part about him, but as we’re finding out, Christian has a flair all his own.

Shazaam as you all will come to know him, was Shazaam before Shazam was Shazam—not to be confused with Shaq’s Kazaam, ya’ dig? Christian deems himself a wine expert, but still believes they’re just grapes, and you honestly won’t convince him otherwise. This ‘form follows function’ attitude will be a great addition to the team, keeping us on our toes.

Sorry ladies, he’s taken. So, when he’s not contemplating the actuality of Big Foot, you can find Christian listening to Alt J, or hanging out with his fiancé, Lucy.

Welcome to the crazy-train, Christian! Why is it a train? You’ll have to find out in our next blog about Satori’s big move!

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