New Office in EaDo

Have you heard the big news? Satori is on the move again—literally. We are packing our bags and hopping on that midnight train to EaDo. After 3+ years in an office building (not really our scene!), we’re ready for an environment with more of a Satori feel. Why EaDo, you ask? As Houston’s underground arts scene transforms the area into an urban haven, the East End is on track to become THE hip neighborhood among millennials and innovators.

Coming from the realm of traditional office buildings, we jumped at the chance to move into an artsy warehouse in EaDo. This group of wunderkinds wasted no time submerging ourselves in our awesome new neighborhood. We’ve already joined the local chamber of commerce, and explored EaDo breweries and restaurants. We are excited to announce that, like the Jeffersons, we are “moving on up to the east side!”

Our new place, a renovated warehouse called EaDo Workspaces, is nestled next to the train tracks. The brain child of developer Andrew Kaldis, these creative suites are all impressive. But, our lofted suite features some personalized details, including glass rolling garage doors that open onto a train-side lawn and a recording studio. From the graffiti on our walls to the pets in our office, this space will have much more of a Satori Marketing feel. After all, Satori began as a two-woman operation—just a girl and a dog named Tossa.

Like Satori, many companies are looking for ways to change up their office game. According to The Wall Street Journal, the cure for the cubicle lies in the past. The article calls for a new “Mad Men” era for the office world. Imagine it: a return to simpler times when bar carts were the gold standard. This time, with a little less –isms and a little more amity. Frankly, we can’t argue with their logic. In a time when weekend emails are a thing, some old school comforts sound pretty great. Although our fearless leader nixed the bar cart (no squeaky wheels please), we went ALL IN with an actual bar! Can you say happy hour?

That’s right: Satori is opening the roll-up garage doors of our new home (pending weather and man-eating mosquitos) because we’re having guests over. Next time you’re scheduling a meeting with us, let’s do it at our place. Admire work from local artists, while having a drink and working from one of the couches. Oh look! Here comes another train!

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