Minions Marketing Mayhem

Minions Madness

Have you heard that a new Minions movie just came out? Of course you have. These little yellow guys are huge, and they’re everywhere. Minions marketing can be seen in TV commercial spots, on city buses, in so many sidebar ads it looks like your computer has a Minions virus. And just the other day, Minions mania got so big, one even took over an Irish roadway.


Yes, much like the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man who terrorized the city in Ghostbusters, this 30-foot yellow colossus rolled down the highway last weekend, to the shock and horror of the Dublin populace.


“I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” said eye witness Erin Van Londen. “I actually rang the gardaí. It was quite an odd thing to have to report. They came and sorted it all out. They deflated it on the road and then they ended up having to get a wheelbarrow to get it out of the way.”


Yes, apparently this bloated minion didn’t put up much of a fight. According to Dublin’s The Journal, the inflated menace was meant to be on display for a fair in North Dublin, but heavy winds loosened the ropes tethering it to the ground, and the thing made its great escape. It goes to show, you can never have too many precautions in place when tackling outdoor advertising like this.CLf0TLXWoAUBgcy


Irish officials are looking into the cause of the bespectacled beast’s break out, but so far have no strong leads. We’re sure the official cause was not that this was an evil-genius Minions marketing ploy. But the alternative is that someone set the depraved creature free purely for the torment of innocent Dublin locals. So far city officials have not reported any injuries or fatalities caused by this escaped minion.


The lesson? Mind your marketing, folks, or your campaign could roll down a hill and cause more mayhem than marketing. Although, the tweets from this incident probably didn’t hurt the Minions movie promotional campaign…

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