Merry Smunday

Kraft Heinz, that red gelatinous beacon of the American dream, has proven they understand both their consumers’ love of football, and our tendency to overindulge during the biggest game of the year.


According to the condiment giant, all their salaried employees will keep the Super Bowl LI spirit going by getting Super Bowl Monday (“Smunday”) off as a holiday. To spread the love, Heinz has also started a petition to make the holiday official. If 100,000 or more signatures are collected, the petition will go to Congress “in the hopes of making this dream a reality.”


Heinz’s petition claims that more than 16 million people call in sick or miss work the day after the game each year, and those who do return to work are so unproductive an average of $1 billion is lost nationwide. To bring awareness to the cause, they’ve even launched a website, Regardless of the success of their petition, thousands of Heinz’s employees in Pittsburgh and Chicago will relish their free hangover day before they have to ketchup to their normal workloads.


(See what we did there?)


As far as marketing campaigns go, it’s pretty savvy. The company announced they’re able to provide employees with the day off because they’re not forking out piles of cash for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial spot. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the saucy video Heinz has put together is already getting lots of attention on social media. Plus, after people sign the petition, they’re asked if they’d like to donate a few dollars to get the ad seen by more people. That means the public is providing Heinz’s own social media advertising budget. Not a bad tactic, when you have an ad as funny as this to promote.


At Satori Marketing, we’ve decided to do our clients a favor and be the most productive we can. We’re embracing this marketing WIN and participating in American democracy by taking this February 6th off work.


What do you think? Should Super Bowl Monday be a national holiday? Or do we all need to ease off the beer and snack foods and stop bellyaching? Let your voice be heard at

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