Mayor Parker Cares About Small Businesses

Once a month, Satori Marketing attends the Greater Houston Business Procurement Forum. It is an awesome opportunity for small business owners in the Houston area – there is always a keynote speaker and plenty of opportunity to network and get your name out to potential customers.

Plus, they serve delicious breakfast tacos.

This past Tuesday, the keynote speaker was none other than Mayor Annise Parker. She took the stage and talked for about twenty minutes, informing attendees of all the initiatives her office has undertaken to help small business owners in Houston.

It was a fantastic speech and we learned a lot about what exactly the city is doing to make things easier for the little guys and gals out there. A former small business owner herself (she used to own a bookstore), you can tell that Mayor Parker is extremely invested in the entrepreneurial spirit in Houston by the things that she said:

“In order to grow jobs in the private sector, you need to grow jobs in the public sector.”

“MWBE programs are a great opportunity to do important work in the communities in which we live.”

“We have one of the most robust entrepreneurial economies in the nation.”

“If you are a small business owner, you have plenty of things to do instead of filling out unnecessary paperwork.”

Everyone had a great time, and Satori Marketing HIGHLY recommends attending one of these breakfasts in the near future.

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