KMR Construction Website Launched!

Satori Marketing is proud to announce the launch of the brand new KMR Construction website!

When Kenny Roch first approached us to build him a website, we knew from the start that we wanted to do something different. KMR Construction specializes in custom build-outs – the proof of their fantastic work is in pictures, not in a bunch of text. Therefore, we wanted to create a website that allowed their work to take center stage.

We are extremely happy with the final product. Instead of having several different web pages, we made the website into one big long page, broken up into different sections. The gallery is the biggest part of the site, and it is truly a dynamic, living and breathing feature. Every time you visit the site, the gallery refreshes, showing the images in a new configuration. It is a new experience every time you visit – encouraging current and potential clients to visit often.

Kenny was very pleased with the final result. Take a look for yourself – and if you ever have any interior build-out needs, don’t hesitate to contact KMR Construction.

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