What the Heck is Off the Rails?!

There’s mainly one reason we chose to move our office to the eclectic neighborhood of EaDo: the community. And what good is community if you can’t find time to share a few drinks or laughs together? That’s why we started Off the Rails: a happy hour that strives to bring people together via good food and even better conversation.

As we slowly get used to the constant hum of the trains that pass us by, we thought it was time to roll up those garage doors and pour our EaDo neighbors and friends a drink. Suite 14 will host the happy hour on the 2nd Thursday of every month right here in our office. We might periodically change up what we’re serving, but what will consistently be available is a casual atmosphere and great company.

And if you’re still not sure why we named the event Off the Rails, it sounds like you need to pay us a visit, so you can hear what we’re talking about.

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