Goats with a View

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No, this isn’t photoshopped. These majestic goats are enjoying the sweet Moroccan breeze together, perched upon the branches of an Argan tree. This unexpected hangout is a common sight in Morocco, where local goats go to great strides to get their favorite fruit from the Argan tree. Who the first enterprising goat was who led the way, we’ll never know—but all the goats in Morocco have her to thank for their good eats and scenic views.




Risk = Reward

Now you’re wondering why Satori Marketing finds these “tree goats” worthy of a blog post. Much like these goats, we LOVE when clients are willing to go out on a limb, color outside the lines and let us go a little crazy with their Marketing Plans. Some early ancestor of those Moroccan tree goats had a crazy idea to get some fruit, and it paid off big-time. When the reward is that great, it’s worth the climb.

Just as unexpected as goats are in a tree, our decision to craft a summer-long competition for Lindsey’s Office Furniture probably looked crazy to some. But doing something “people don’t do” can give a great return, far greater than you’d anticipate from people who’d just pick the fruit off the ground.





Keep on Climbing

MJCX2470-Edit-Michael-Chinnici-150501As a business-to-business campaign, a run-of-the-mill tactic would use traditional advertising, or perhaps reach out to office managers and business owners with targeted ads on LinkedIn. Going against the grain, our unorthodox competition produced solid numbers. The start of our competition saw a swift increase in Lindsey’s Facebook page likes: We jumped from about 1,200 likes in late April to 1,500 in early May. The company website had just under 5,000 page views during April 2015; this went up to nearly 7,000 page views two short months later.

Compared to the five-month period before the competition, the Lindsey’s Furniture website saw a 482% increase in page views and a 363% increase in number of sessions.



Do something unorthodox —> do something MJC_4648-Michael-Chinnici-150501great.

These goats remind us why we marketers look for things that are new and different. Just like the goats’ decision to climb that tree, our Lindsey’s Office Furniture B2B competition reached a new fruit: a previously untapped online audience. By doing things a little differently, we launched a successful campaign that invigorated the Lindsey brand with a little bit of fun and a lot of real-world results.

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