Get Ready to ROX!

Satori - Rox N' Roll gif

It’s a special day indeed when Satori employs the forces of Star Pizza. “But why is today so special?” one might ask. It’s because we’ve baited (the pizza), lured (with pizza), and now trapped (on account of the pizza) our newest intern, Roxana!

Roxana comes to us as an ambitious and driven student from the bumpy and pothole-ridden streets of the University of Houston (GO COOGS!). Aside from her Marketing studies, both academically and here in the classroom of Satori 101, Rox n’ Roll can be found reading John Green novels, the ever popular HP series, or festival hopping—which pleases Jenuwine endlessly.

IMG_6786 IMG_5819

Clever and already fiercely independent, we can tell Roxana is going to smash the tasks given to her, and help reinvigorate the social world with her fresh ideas. We couldn’t be more pumped to have her on board! Look for Roxana’s first impressions on the madness at Satori HQ in the next installment of “From the Diary of an Intern,” coming soon.

Welcome, Roxana!

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