Get F!*&ing Krafty

“Sometimes you can do better, and sometimes you can’t.”

An unofficial idea behind advertising is that generally, you want to make your product look good. This is such a basic idea, it’s hard to find it written down. But in a time when people are massively oversaturated by the media that surrounds them, simple and straight-forward doesn’t turn many heads. Non-traditional tactics like “oddvertising,” which is used to create off-beat ads for Old Spice, Dollar Shave Club, and many more, are evidence of how hard marketers must work to catch the attention of today’s consumer.

But even the wildest strategies still talk up their products, especially when it comes to marketing to parents. Moms, in particular, make up a huge sector of our country’s purchasing force, and tactics for marketing to this group generally focus on wholesomeness and nutrition. But today’s moms are the same tweens who were squealing over the Backstreet Boys not too long ago, and marketers are paying attention. Age-wise, marketers need to reach someone closer to Kat Von D than Carol Brady.

That’s where Kraft’s latest ad comes in. After being inspired by the fact that 74 percent of moms admit to swearing in front of their kids, Kraft brought in Melissa Mohr, a mom and academic who “literally wrote the book” on swearing. (Check it out—it’s called Holy Sh*t and it’s amazing). This film-style mac n’ cheese ad starts by giving advice on how to swear less in front of your kids—then hits modern moms with the point. Like swearing, sometimes you can do better, and sometimes you  can’t. That’s why there’s Kraft Mac & Cheese™

It’s completely genius, and goes completely against-the-grain. It makes no sense, and meets today’s moms where they’re at. Kraft has realized that tired stereotypes of what moms “should” be doesn’t catch the attention of what their contemporary audience really is. Yesterday’s teenagers are all grown up.


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