Geofilter Jackpot

The Woodlands Pavilion is upping their social media game by hosting a geofilter design contest for Snapchat users at the venue. The Pavilion put out the call to all local artists, designers and creative thinkers to design something truly unique and representative of the amazing events that go on stage.

This move by the Pavilion is a very smart way to garner involvement on the organization’s social media, as well as to raise awareness for local artists. The Woodlands Pavilion saw how many concert attendees use Snapchat, and how incredible most photos taken can be. By providing a branded geofilter, the Woodlands Pavilion ensures popularity not only for the winning artist, but also for themselves. To the so-and-so’s at the Pavilion, the Satori team would like to say: as marketers, we salute you.

Interested? Get to work! The deadline for submissions is August 27th, 2016. But first, don’t forget to read the official rules and requirements. If your design is picked, you’ll be receiving the following benefits (as per the Woodlands Center website):

  • Their work viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans each year at The Pavilion and by countless others receiving Snapchats from those fans.
  • A blog interview with The Pavilion about their creative process and inspiration for their work.
  • Official launch of filters and design recognition at the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long on August 27, 2016 and design credit on our Live Nation concert vision reel before all shows remaining in 2016.
  • Social media recognition of your work to our 100,000+ followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Four (4) VIP tickets to the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long

The Woodlands Pavilion requests that submissions fit one of three themes:

  • A Night at The Pavilion – Create a filter that expresses what it is like to spend an evening under the stars at The Pavilion. From opera to the symphony to country music and rock and roll, no two nights as The Pavilion are the same.
  • Lawn Life – Some of the best entertainment happens on our lawn. Create a filter that perfectly frames all of the fun that happens on the lawn. From picnics to dancing, the lawn is always where the party is.
  • Pit Perks – Create a filter that exemplifies all of the perks of being up close and personal with today’s stars. Watching a show from the pit is the ultimate Pavilion experience. A great place to take a selfie with your favorite artist on stage, plus some of the nights best snaps come from the pit.

Interested in being the winning artist yourself? The designs also must fit Snapchat’s official requirements for geofilters, as pictured below. What are you waiting for?! This is the chance to get your artwork seen by hundreds of thousands of people.


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