First Sign of the Apocalypse – Facebook is Down

Last Friday, Facebook was down for about an hour. That’s it, just 60 minutes (or 3,600 seconds). And it even happened during most peoples’ lunch break, around 12:30. So it shouldn’t have been that big a deal right?

Apparently, everyone lost their minds. It got so bad that NBC reported it as breaking news, and people even started calling the police. That’s right – people considered Facebook being down an emergency, and they called the police. Not just one or two people though – enough people for Sgt. Brink of the LAPD to send a tweet out to his followers asking people to stop calling the police about the outage:

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.46.05 AM

However, some people kept their cool. Chartbeat, an analytics company, decided to use this as an opportunity to look at its data under the unique conditions to see what happened to web usage free from Facebook traffic. What they found was pretty telling – without Facebook, entrances to sites on mobile devises were down 8.5% during the outage, yet desktop traffic only increased 3.5%. That means that when Facebook went out, most people gave up on the internet entirely, instead of turning to their dinosaur desktop to view cat videos.

The stats are pretty interesting, and extremely telling in regards to mobile marketing. Facebook isn’t going anywhere, and it is still a huge force that cannot be ignored.

Click here to read more about the outage.

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