Every Elfin’ Christmas

Satori - KCS Holiday Express

Every Christmas, Satori’s own CFO helps spread holiday cheer to boys and girls across the U.S. Black Friday be damned! After Thanksgiving dinner has been served and devoured, she buckles up her jingly elf shoes and hops on the KCS Holiday Express to hand out goodies to fans—both young and old.


With Rudy the Engine at the helm, each town they pass through is greeted with smiles, treats, and theme-based decorated train cars. Each car varies in theme; from every variation of Santa Claus, to model train cars, to Winter Wonderlands—there is something for everyone.

Now entering the third week of this excursion (and almost to the end), volunteers are allowed to jump on and off the train as they please, staying for either a short while or for the entirety of the season. But being the awesome elf she is, she’s there from beginning until the end.


As we get ready to welcome our CFO back from the tracks, you should Google some of the great photos snapped along their 2015 route.


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