Epic Splits and Running of the Bulls

In the past, Volvo advertising focused on how safe their vehicles are. This tactic worked so well that, for a while, Volvo was synonymous with safety. Just look at the classic magazine ad above – a safety pin fashioned into the shape of a car. Beautifully simple and to the point.

This simple type of association worked in the past, when the internet wasn’t king and viral videos didn’t determine how well your company was doing. That is no longer the case. Enter Volvo’s two newest ads. Perhaps you’ve seen them – the first featuring Jean Claude Van Damme and the second featuring the running of the bulls.

Both ads are promoting specific features of Volvos – specifically their dynamic steering and their maneuverability, as opposed to the ads of the past that described the vehicles as a whole. Check out both videos below. Which one is your favorite?

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