Email Marketing in 5 Years


It’s no secret that email marketing is a major tenant of any business’s marketing success—or lack thereof. But where is the medium headed, and how can we keep ahead of the game? Recently, a Twitter hashtag sparked a conversation, and #emailin5years yielded some very interesting results.


Mobile Matters

Marketers and business minds from across the globe weighed in, and most agree that email is definitely going mobile. One user predicted in 5 years there will be a mobile-only email player with over 100 million users. Other predictions included that a user’s email client would be heavily integrated with his or her Google Wallet or Apple Passbook. According to user Joshua Baer (@joshuabaer), “In 5 years people will be asking, ‘Why would anyone want to check email on a computer?’ Not everyone, but 100’s of millions.” And today’s statistics prove him right: As of June 2015, mobile email opens account for 15-70% of all email opens, depending upon target audience and product type.

Business tablet computer with email marketing. Vector concept for online advertising

Business tablet computer with email marketing. Vector concept for online advertising

Spam and Deliverability

Notable improvements will be made in deliverability, with user Josh Kerr (@joshkerr) predicting “Smarter delivery: no more bounces, emails will find their way to the right destination. Guaranteed delivery.” Others predict more affirmative opt-in regulations (rather than the opt-out option that is mandated today). Additionally, some users predict the Spam folder will disappear entirely—or it may at least be a hidden feature.


Looks and Organization

One user predicts that inbox order will start being sorted by personal connections, rather than just chronologically. Others agree and add that business apps for email could show and categorize emails based on their relevance. Multiple inboxes sorted by categories like People, Notifications, Groups, Receipts, etc., is a possibility. User Zvi Band (@skeevis) agrees, and adds, “Emails will be more structured, inbox will be treated as a core data source for companies.”


Usage and Functionality

Many Twitter users predicted far more advanced technological integration. Emails will be marked read on all media when you read them on one device, and attachments will be links to the file in the cloud, rather than a straight download. Others predict that video will be better integrated, and ToutApp (@toutapp) believes, “Lines between different mediums will blur & conversations will flow freely.” Already, Apple has begun text messaging and phone integration with users who also have Macs, so it’s no surprise that this trend should continue.


However technology develops, it’s a marketer’s job to be on top of it. We’re fortunate to be kept at the top of our game here at Satori HQ, and we’re privileged to be able to provide our clients with the essentials of modern marketing, years ahead of the pack.

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