Diary of an Intern: roxNroll’s First Week!

Satori - Rox N' Roll 5 at Brainfreeze

Started my magical journIMG_4506ey at Satori Marketing on Tuesday, June 14th. I didn’t know what to expect on my first day, but it certainly wasn’t delicious mouthwatering pizza from Star Pizza. It’s like they knew the way to my heart. It had only been one day and I already started learning so much and eating so much…

Did I mention they have s’more Oreos in their kitchen? If you’ve never had s’more Oreos, I definitely recommend.

Sadly, it was also the start of my love/hate relationship with my computer. The amount of technical difficulties I experienced in this past week has been astronomical. On the bright side, after a couple of days on the phone with tech support, we’ve fixed all the issues and it should be smooth sailing from here.

Nevertheless, my first week at Satori has been amazing. From getting my core certification with Constant Contact email marketing, making a rainbow cake graphic for an Orlando shooting fundraiser, and dancing to Destiny Child’s Bootylicious with my fellow co-workers—it’s definitely been a full week!

I’m excited for all the new things I’m going to learn and the experience I will gain within these next few months.

P.S.: I love music and thought I would share this new artist I’ve been listening to. I’m going to his concert this Thursday. Check him out!

P.S.S.:  The magical summer time drinks pictured at the top are from a little place called Brain Freeze in Pasadena. Go out there when ya have a chance!

roxNroll out ✌🏽

Anderson-Park-Malibu-Cover-Billboard-650x650Song of the week:

Room in Here – Anderson Paak


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