Diary of an Intern Episode 2: From the Laptop of “That Guy”

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From the Laptop of That Guy, Eddie!

This has been one exciting week for the veteran intern here at Satori Marketing! I know you may be asking yourself, “What is a veteran intern?” Well, frankly, a veteran intern is simply an intern that has more tenure than the other intern(s). Now, I’m quite sure that I just made that up, but oh well, that is the exciting part about penning your own blog post.

This past week proved to be quite exciting for me. Lets start with the new rookie intern Jenifer, or J-Dub, Or Jenuwine, or maybe even J-McGuire…(insert crickets). Okay, maybe that last name is a stretch, or a poor attempt at being cool, however let’s spend a little time talking about her.

Since her first day on the job she has proven to be an awesome addition to our team. Her ability to take tasks and make them her own, adding her own “J-Dub” flair to every task handed to her, proves to be a great tool in her belt. She constantly displays a great attitude and her commentary proves to be right in sync with the normal mindless but rather entertaining banter ordinarily provided by the usual suspects: Myself (That Guy!), Candace (The Whiz), and Marché (The Prez).

Earlier this week I managed to play hooky (I’m sure if just dated myself another 10 years) for a couple of days. Waking up in the wee hours of the night, I loaded up the family and snuck away to the crescent city known as New Orleans for a quick day trip for some beignets (french donuts) and Café Ole from the world renown Café Du Monde.

While there we had the opportunity to visit the campus of Dillard University for “Open House,” an event for prospective college students, and even got to meet Dillard University President Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough @HipHopPrez, who proved to be every bit of awesome as one could imagine.

Once back in the office, I decided to channel my inner Salvador Dali and be creative, utilizing our favorite Satori medium, the dry erase marker. What started off as a simple skyline quickly morphed into a ten by twelve mural on the famous Satori wall including a Godzilla replica, Cheshire Cat, Highway to Hell, Heaven, and even a medflight helicopter (don’t ask). Of course a project of this magnitude couldn’t be complete with out the help of my trusty cohorts The Whiz, and Jenuwine; thanks ladies.  Jen and Candace


Finally, I decided that all of this Satori greatness should be shared with the world. With that in mind, this has been one awesome week at Satori Marketing. I think I can get used to this. Do what you love and love what you do, Peace and Blessings.


That Guy! Eddie

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