Diary of an Intern, Episode 1

Today I learned how to put together a paper shredder, and finally got to catch my breath. I’ve just finished a little over a week here at Satori, and even that brief time has been a whirlwind of activity. I joined this company in a month when we’ve added five new clients, and I can tell everyone that’s been working here has been migrating through brainstorms, shitstorms, and our Bayou City rainstorms. But as spring is making its first tentative steps into Houston, I can tell that my own first steps with Satori don’t have the luxury of being timid. Already in my few days of employment, I’ve been part of company meetings, social media maintenance, creative thinking sessions, and even a bingo night. They keep asking me, “Scared yet?” But I couldn’t be happier to be part of all this commotion.


I’m an older student at U of H, with several years of “real life” behind me. My jobs in the past have been a means to an end, but Satori’s not like that. Everyone here is passionate about what they do, and about the product we put out under the Satori name. I get to be part of a blossoming company, learn about a fascinating industry, and contribute to every step of the process. So when part of that process is putting together a paper shredder or getting the mail, I’ll take it! I need to give my brain some space to contain all this enlightening new information Satori’s cramming in.




DJ Maestro Jen’s Song of the Week:

“Confusion”—Charles Bradley

The Screaming Eagle of Soul, Charles Bradley, narrated my near death experience with the paper shredder today—did you know there are sharp blades in there?! This performance was done at KUTX in Austin, and Charles gives a sick Theremin solo at about 3:23.


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