Creating KILLER Content

From posts on your Facebook feed, to the listicles your friends share, to the blog page of a government agency, content creation is at its prime in the marketing world. New avenues of communication are emerging every day that change how consumers interact with brands, and in today’s world, content marketing is the #1 way to interact authentically with your clients.

But what makes good content? You’ve got to get a few things straight if you plan on reaping the benefits of this modern marketing technique.


Your audience matters.
If content is king, context is its kingdom. You wouldn’t say the same things to your grandmother as you would a friend, and you wouldn’t wear the same thing to the beach as you would your boss’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah (probably). So why write marketing content that could alienate your audience?
Use analytics on your website and social media to identify the basic demographics of the people who interact with your brand. Research your neighborhood and consumer habits to get a better idea of your customers’ everyday life. Knowing this lets you know if it’s cool to make that joke with the eggplant emoji, or if you’d better stick to the grandma-friendly lingo.

Know your platform.

Writing for writing’s sake is fun—but don’t forget, you’re marketing right now. So as great as that four-paragraph post on Facebook is, it’s probably not the right place for that content. There are few buttons in this world that get pressed less often than that little “Read More” arrow.

Keep your long-form content for your website or blog, and link to it on social. That way, people who want to read it have that ability, and those who are in the mood to scroll (#ScrollLife) can still benefit from your brand’s message.

We’re so into strategic content, we’ve definitely written about it before. From best practices for each medium, post frequency, and the importance of photos and video, you can be sure the Satori Marketing blog will keep you in the loop.

 Content requires… content.
Maybe writing’s not your forte. Or, maybe you’re the next Charles Dickens, crafting intricate, lace-like prose that astounds your readers with its delicate detail and well-woven wordplay. That talent can definitely boost the readability of your content but remember: wordy frippery is no substitute for actual CONTENT. Sometimes, you can lose the message between the metaphors.

Think of what you’re saying the same way you think about getting dressed. You may want to show off some new earrings, but if you’re wearing those earrings but no pants, people are going to be a little weirded out.

When in doubt, provide relevant information to your customers. When in doubt, wear pants.

 You’re a human being (I assume).

It can be hard to think about relating to people from behind a computer screen while you’re sitting in an office. However, one of the defining aspects of a modern marketing strategy is the importance of cultivating relationships with the people who support your brand. Creating useful content is part of this: if a client recognizes the value your posts bring, they’re more likely to subscribe to your email list and social media, therefore keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Remember to keep all the information you share honest, informative, and evocative—because modern consumers can spot a hard sell from a mile away. Aim for authenticity, and you’ll end up with successful content marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing at all.


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