College Girl in a Marketing World

It’s summer intern season and I’m here to party! Hey, my name is Nichole Black and I’m the newest intern amongst the Satori rockstars. I am graciously receiving some much-needed experience in the business world here at Satori. I hope to become a creative and innovative marketing expert by the end of the summer. There’s no doubt that Satori will give me the most electrifying marketing experience a college girl could ask for!

I coined the name “Nickel” (see what I did there 😉) as a child, but now it’s been revamped into my official marketing persona. Outside of the Satori world, I am just your average 20-year-old girl with the world at my fingertips. I love all things art: music, fashion, food, movies, painting, colors, etc. My music taste is kind of all over the place, ranging from classic rock legends like The Rolling Stones to the pop culture icon (and my queen) Britney Spears. Chick-flicks are my favorite movie genre—Mean Girls is a must! I love scouting out new restaurants to fuel my never-ending search for exciting foods…and so I can snap some pics for my food-stagram.

At this moment, school is basically my entire life. Most of my time is spent studying at Texas State University, where I am pursuing a Business Management degree with a minor in Journalism. I decided to minor in Journalism because I know I have the potential to be an amazing storyteller someday. I’m not too sure what I want to do in the business world, but I know it needs to be something I enjoy.

I’m confident that my time at Satori will enhance my educational endeavors and allow me to excel in my future career and beyond. Let the marketing shenanigans begin!


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