cha-DOW! The Marketing Admin is in the House

“It’s a Pandemic!!!”                 –Chadow

Satori HQ is growing like crazy! We are happy to announce the arrival of our newest team member, Chandler Coffing. She will be saving our lives and helping us provide even MORE ferocious customer services as our Marketing Administrator. Chandler is a recent grad of University of Houston with some marketing experience already behind her—we can’t wait to see all that she will bring to our team. As Satori Marketing continues to thrive, this new position will help both with administrative tasks and, of course, all the marketing hoopla we get ourselves into.


In her own words, Chandler is an “upright bass playing dog lover,” bringing yet another diverse background to the Satori Marketing team. You KNOW that’s something we love. With yet ANOTHER employee with a musical background, we’re beginning to think we should start a company band. (Got band name ideas? Send them our way!) Before that can happen, we’ve got to get through Chandler’s orientation: a rigorous semi-organized romp, involving a BINGO game and her first official status meeting. 😱


As you may have figured out from some of our handles (“The Whiz,” “Jenuwine”), we don’t do the simple [email protected]. We asked Chandler for a nickname, and she quickly replied back with CHADOW. This was her sister’s nickname for her as a kid, which is supposed to be pronounced as if it rhymes with “Shadow.”

Well, the team at Satori quickly changed that to cha-DOW!, a comic-book inspired onomatopoeia that leads us to believe she’ll soon be kicking butt and taking names—in the name of great marketing, that is.


Welcome to the crazy, Chandler! We can’t wait to see what you’ll add to our team.

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