An Apple A Day Keeps Competitors Away

No, we’re not talking about health or muscle conditioning. But we are talking about social conditioning and how it relates to your clients. Pavlov proved through the simple ring of a bell, his furry four-legged friend would be ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So it’s no coincidence that every September we start salivating for the newest in tech news from Apple.


We know Apple has mastered the press release, but what exactly about these iPhone Events make us wait patiently (or impatiently in our case) to see if they have successfully recreated fire? Every year Creatives and Technologists alike join forces in the name of speculative iPhone design and produce some of the most advanced prototypes of engineered technology known to mankind. As proven at these events, their renderings are always a step or two ahead of the tech giant, but the ability to create and invest in something (or buy-in) has these consumers in Apple’s clutch.


Buy-in, investment, engagement—different terms, same goal. So how do you achieve what Apple has already brilliantly executed? As marketers, we strive to answer this question every day.


1. ESTABLISH ROUTINE:  As stated, Apple holds an event every year around the second week of September. You can establish this same rapport with your audience by being consistent with your social media updates. Sporadic outbursts are a sure-fire way to lose followers and engagement with your brand.


2. CONTENT IS KEY:  We expect the Apple events will feature the latest iPhone announcements, so consumers know how to tailor their expectations. Apple does this through email blasts, and of course, through their aforementioned established routine.


3. RELEVANCY: Lately, newer model iPods and iPads have been attached as secondary news to the new iPhone announcement. This year’s rumored “new tech-kid on the block” is a smartwatch of Apple design.  Everyone is excited about the future of “new-gadget-we-can’t-live-without,” and wait with bated breath to hear about what we’re going to blow a whole month’s paycheck on. But we know at a minimum, thanks to the again established routine and content, what’s next for our beloved iPhone.


Buy-in isn’t something you can buy, and definitely not easily won, but we here at Satori are trained professionals in consumer engagement. Some might even say wizards. Apple’s marketing team has successfully converted their customers into investors—but what can we do for you?

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