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As many of you know, Social Media trends are changing all the time. But there are hidden nuggets (not chicken) in each platform that can be capitalized on—if you know how. Your resident morsel finders at Satori are going to help you find these chunks.


Facebook is still king of social media for now. And remarkably, the number of profiles created is still growing daily. But how can you capitalize on this?

Facebook activity is highest among users on Friday’s.

That’s right, you’re not the only one slacking off. The end of the workweek signals a marked decrease in productivity, and we found out where all of the wasted energy is going. The most shares, comments, and likes happen on Friday. Hey—everybody’s working for the weekend.


Tumblr all night... Regret every morningYour mom and dad are likely on Twitter at this point; you just don’t know their handle yet. The 55-64 ages demographic has seen tremendous growth on the social network. But how is this related to you?

Night tweets are the best tweets.

10-11PM is your best shot at being retweeted, favorited, or receiving replies to your 140-character bite. Share volume is lower at this time, and your tweets actually have a chance at being seen. If you really want Clooney to see that tweet, try Sunday at the same time.


Video is on the rise and photos can’t be beat as far as content is involved, right? Not true. So what can you do in between posting selfies?  

All write, all write, all write.

Matthew McConaughey isn’t the only one famous for his words. Written content is appreciated most, with 58 percent of marketers agreeing that expert articles and blog posts are vital social content.

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