A Round of A Paws


Satori Marketing is happy to announce our working partnership with Houston’s own BARC Animal Shelter! With a brand spankin’ new adoptions facility and mobile unit on the way, growing spay/neuter programs, and ever-rising live-release rates, this animal shelter is doing incredible things for Houston. Needing all paws on deck, Satori is helping BARC expand their presence in the city, as well as providing a much needed update in the form of a remodeled blog and website.


In order to increase awareness of everything this bustling animal shelter is doing for our city, Satori decided a brand new campaign was the way to go. Using bright, colorful icons and a robust organization strategy, Satori harnessed up and grouped all of the programs, clinics, specials, events (EVERYTHING) BARC offers under four main hubs that encompass the agency as a whole. What better name for a campaign than something thisBARC logo agency truly believes in and practices devotedly? BARC is Fixin’ Houston.


The components of this campaign include: Fixin’ Neighborhoods, Fixin’ Friends, Fixin’ Up, and Fixin’ Minds. Under these four branches, Houstonians can explore BARC’s presence in their communities, the agency’s spay/neuter clinic and discounted programs, new facilities, and education on healthy pet ownership. The purpose of this new campaign is to serve both two-legged and four-legged Houstonians. Stay tuned in to the Satori blog to get all the latest updates on our work with BARC animal shelter!


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