A [In]tern of Events

Satori - Jenuwine

There’s a new face roaming the halls of Satori’s global headquarters, and it belongs to that of our newest Marketing & Communications Neophyte, Jennifer Wobser!




Jennifer brings with her some of that Louisiana flavor, hailing as a student from LSU. Missing the BBQ, 8-lane freeways, and big-glasses piccity nature of her hometown, we welcome Jennifer back to the Lone Star State as she finishes up her coursework in Marketing at the University of Houston.

And Satori gets a little lagniappe to boot! Jennifer comes to us with years of music, medical, and retail proficiency—a true summation of the Houston experience. Not only is Jennifer a reminder of Satori’s past and present, but a great symbol for our future. That, and now Candace has someone to talk to about all things music, which in turn keeps her from nagging about status meetings.

So give Jennifer a big, Texan “YEE-HAW!” and welcome her to the team!

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